Mini-DOOM - Play now!

2016-06-13 15:58:57 by Fingus1

Hello everyone, my new tribute game is out Mini-DOOM, and you can play it for free.

Download here (windows):

Check out the trailer:

Comic projects postponed

2012-11-08 10:08:34 by Fingus1

Dark Cities 2 and other comic projects have been postponed indefinitely.

Comic projects postponed

Hello everyone!

The comic book project "Dark Cities 2" has started and we need your help. We offer great rewards for everyone who participates. Enter our project's page to check it out, and see the prices.

The printed version is in ONLY in Spanish, but we offer the digital version of both "Dark Cities 1" and "Dark Cities 2" in English for only 7 euros (8.5 dollars)! This will probably be the only time we will offer the comic through the internet, and at such low price. More than 100 pages of great artwork and an awesome story.

--> Pre-order your copy now!! HERE

--> Check the trailer out here at Newgrounds:

Pre-order DARK CITIES 2 now!!!